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We have compiled our most common questions that are often asked. We understand planning for retirement can raise a lot of questions and we are here to answer any other questions you may have.

Who may benefit from Vosberg Wealth services?

  • Anyone who is thinking of retiring.
  • Anyone who is already retired.
  • Anyone who is paying too much in taxes.
  • Anyone who just needs a second opinion on their wealth strategy.
  • Or someone that is going through a major life change, for example:
    • A death of a significant other.
    • Receiving an inheritance.
    • Going through a divorce.
    • Change of employment.

Why work with a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is held to a higher ethical and moral standard than some other financial professionals. Under a fiduciary standard of care, the advisor is required to act in the client’s best interest as opposed to the company’s best interest.

How long does the planning process take from start to finish before becoming a client?

It depends, everyone has different needs, however it normally takes three meetings (with a typical case) to discover and analyze your situation.
Our goals are:

  • Take the time to fully understand your current situation and your needs
  • Make sure your plan is right for you
  • Assure that you are comfortable with your plan before making your decision
  • Ensure you fully understand your plan and make sure you are confident about moving forward.

How much does it cost? What are the fees?

It depends on your unique situation and your needs. For this reason, we offer a NO COST Step-by-Step Meeting Process to understand your goals and visions in retirement along with understanding your current situation in order to make sure we can prepare a plan that is right for you. At this time once we understand your needs in full, we can explain the fees.

When do I need to start planning for retirement?

Ideally at least five years before you retire, but any time after that is also fine. Whether you are within 5 years from retirement or currently retired, the best time to contact us is now. If you are already retired, see the next question.

I am already retired can you still help me?

Some individuals begin their planning process after being retired, and that is okay - it’s never too late to see how we can help or just to simply get a second opinion. We often encounter that our clients are presented with new situations, opportunities and changes that occur while in retirement. We may be able to help you through these situations. Also, if you are questioning your current situation, we can review it and help you understand your options.

What should I be looking for in a financial advisor?

When you are looking to hire an advisor to manage your retirement and finances there are many factors to look at. Make sure you are working with and advisor that SPECIALIZES in exactly what you are looking to achieve. Becoming familiar with the advisors’ education, credentials, license, designations and experience this will give you a good idea of the area(s) they may specialize in. It is very important to feel comfortable and ask questions. You must feel confident that the advisor will truly be able to navigate your needs that you may encounter in retirement.

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