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  • EXAMINE your current financial situation
  • ANALYZE your risk
  • IDENTIFY opportunities and
  • EVALUATE a long-term strategy
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    Once we have discussed, analyzed and fully understood your current status – we will present and explain a personalized assessment of your current financial situation.

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    Ready to begin your Journey with Vosberg Wealth?
    We'll guide you through the implementation phase of the financial strategy we have planned together. We will guide you every step of the way.

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    Monitoring & Adjusting

    With regular reviews we stay connected to ensure the plan is continually tailored to meet your retirement goals throughout your retirement.

Services We Provide

As a Fiduciary, it is our commitment to provide advice in the best interest to the client on an independent, client by client basis. We specialize in Retirement Planning. In order to meet your unique needs and provide the best service possible, we specialize and offer a suite of services intended to help you feel confident in your financial journey.


Retirement Planning

Our goal is to secure your savings and help you reach your retirement goals without running out of money.


Tax Planning

Tax Planning is very crucial while planning to MAXIMIZE your Retirement Income. We’ll look at strategies for potentially minimizing how much you pay in taxes.


Social Security Planning

The decisions you make today regarding Social Security can have a major impact on your monthly payment and the amount of taxes you might pay. 


Medicare Planning

Health care in retirement... Are you ready? Navigate the complex choices when it comes to choosing a Medicare plan.


Investment Management

We help retirement investors reduce risk and maximize returns to help you achieve your retirement goals.


Real Estate Investing

Investing in Real Estate provides a non-correlated asset class when compared to the stock market. There are many ways to hold Real Estate in a portfolio.

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Our educational events are focused on addressing financial concerns that individuals face in retirement. We empower individuals by sharing our knowledge on various options, solutions and ideas for those at, in, or near retirement. It is our goal to provide you with information that will help you make the right decision for your retirement journey.

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  • When to file for benefits

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  • Strategies to maximize benefits

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